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VW 2.0T, 2nd Gen

-VW CC 2.0T (2009-2017)

-Mk6 VW Golf R 2.0T (2012-2013)

-A6 VW Jetta GLI 2.0T (2012-2015)

-B7 VW Passat 2.0T (2012-2015)

-5N VW Tiguan 2.0T (2009-2016)

Audi 2nd gen 2.0T.webp

-Stage 1 and 2 stock turbo (up to 80 ft-lb and 70 hp increase).

-Stage 3+ big turbo (90-120 ft-lb and 120-200 hp increase).

-Traction control tuning

-Improved throttle response

-Left foot braking if desired

-Tuning support for:

    -Bigger fuel injectors

    -High pressure fuel pump upgrades

    -Low pressure fuel pump upgrades

    -Intake manifold or manifold runner flap modifications

    -Mass air flow and MAP/boost sensor upgrades.

-Tuning for improved idle available if necessary


-Speed limiter adjustments

-Exhaust burble/crackle

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