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About Us

As the founder of Autovation Motorsports, and after years of research and innovation, we’re pleased to offer custom tuning services for Audi, VW, and BMW owners that are interested in elevating the performance of their vehicles. Over the past 9 years I’ve worked on engines and transmissions in German vehicles and I’ve learned how to improve the performance of these cars while maintaining strict safety standards.

I graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and during this time I began exploring how to custom tune ECUs. I received training from VIEZU Technologies in the United Kingdom and learned how to use a very advanced tuning software from one of the best tuning instructors in Europe.

I started my performance tuning business to offer safe tunes for the high altitude and lower fuel quality conditions that exist in Colorado. Many off-the-shelf tunes sold online are developed at sea level and not only do they perform poorly in Colorado, but I’ve seen a number of engines damaged from running these tunes. The power gains shown for some vehicles may be less than what you see advertised by tuning companies that tune closer to sea level. This is because all my tunes are designed to keep components like turbochargers within their safe limits while being used in Rocky Mountain altitudes.

What Makes Autovation Motorsports Stand Out From

Other Tuning Companies?

At Autovation Motorsports we use an editing software called WinOLS to create all of our tunes. This software provides the ability to modify everything in the ECU. Many tuners use editing programs where the maps are pre-defined, which constrains modifications to those specific maps. We make our own map packs which means we're able to edit any part of the ECU. This is important for adding custom features and for editing maps most tuners don’t use, to create a smoother power delivery. In addition to using WinOLS, we have two of the best ECU flashing tools in the world (MagicMotorsport and bFlash). These tools can flash almost every ECU and TCU found in European cars up to 2022. We also can data log all of the cars we tune, even BMW. Data logging a vehicle will measure the power, boost from the turbo or supercharger, air to fuel ratio, spark advance and many other parameters. This is important when confirming the vehicle is performing the way it’s supposed to after installing a new tune. If you do not have equipment that can data log your vehicle, we can handle all that too.


In addition to an engine tune, we are also pleased to offer automatic transmission tuning when necessary. All the automatic transmissions in European vehicles have torque limits to keep the transmission protected if the engine makes too much power. A lot of tuners avoid dealing with this by editing the ECU tunes to block out any torque reduction signal from the transmission, or by rescaling the torque model so the transmission thinks the engine is making less power than it really is. We have seen this done to a lot of vehicles, even on some BMWs producing 250 ft-lb of torque over stock. While a lot of the modern 8 speed ZF transmissions are quite durable, this level of torque is not good for a factory tuned transmission over time. For anything past stage 1, we require an automatic transmission tune which allows the power to be increased safely. As a result, we’ve structured our stages and pricing a bit different than most companies. This only applies to vehicles with automatic transmissions, manual transmissions do not have electronic limitations.

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