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Our Tuning Packages

Stage 1 Engine Tune, Mild Increase in Power: Our stage 1 ECU tune will increase the power of your vehicle up to the limit of the automatic transmission. This varies between models, but typical gains are between 40-80 ft-lb and HP. Additional features include: RPM and speed limit adjustments (2-step if possible), crackle/burble/pop and bang, exhaust flap/muffler valve tuning, stop/start, etc.

Stage 2 Engine and Transmission Tune, Moderate Increase in Power: Our Stage 2 ECU tunes are designed to increase power to the safe limit of the stock turbo/supercharger. This tune will increase torque above the limit of most automatic transmissions, so in order to have a Stage 2 tune installed, we require an automatic transmission tune. Our Stage 2 tunes are the same price as Stage 1, the only additional cost is the transmission tune. Typical gains will be between 60 and 200 ft-lb and HP (this varies greatly from 4-cylinder to 12-cylinder engines).

Stage 2+ Engine and Transmission Tune, Moderate Increase in Power with Hardware Upgrades: Stage 2+ will typically target the same amount of boost as Stage 2, but is designed for cars with downpipe, intercooler, fuel pump, and other supporting upgrades to optimize the performance with these parts.

Stage 3+ Engine and Transmission Tune, Sizeable Increase in Power with Considerable Hardware Upgrades: Stage 3 and up is designed for cars with heavily upgraded hardware. This is if you’re planning on upgrading turbochargers/superchargers. The cost will depend on the components being used for your setup. It is best to contact us so we can discuss your build and price.

Automatic Transmission Tuning, For Increased Transmission Strength: The automatic transmission is just as important as the engine when it comes to making more power. Once the torque output from the engine exceeds the transmission’s electronic torque limit, the automatic transmission will need to be tuned. This will increase the transmission’s torque holding capacity and provide more strength during shifts. Shift speed, shift point characteristics, and launch control (for dual clutch transmissions) are all options with the transmission tune.

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