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Custom Engine and Transmission Tuning

At Autovation Motorsports we offer custom tuning for Audi, BMW, VW, and Mini. We increase the power of your vehicle through software changes to the engine and transmission computers. The entire tuning process is completed in house from start to finish. There is no need for you to buy any cables or licenses. Best of all we won't make you go through the painful process of data logging on your own and waiting for tune updates to be sent back to you. It's as simple as dropping your car off, and picking it up 100% completed and ready to enjoy!


Changes like boost setpoint, air-to-fuel ratio, and ignition timing allow us to increase the power of the engine whether there's upgraded parts or the car is completely stock. Increasing the transmission's torque holding capacity will allow it to support the additional power from the engine. All of these changes are accomplished through a software re-flash. The data in your car's ECU and TCU will be modified and re-uploaded. There are no chips soldered to the computer, and no piggyback systems. Performance tunes from AVM are designed to function like factory. You will not experience any loss of drivability. Your vehicle will drive nice and smooth like stock, until you put the pedal to the floor!

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